Areas of Expertise

INESAN performs evaluation, analysis and survey research in areas that also provide counseling and project assessments based on existing knowledge base of empirical data and findings.


Methodological Research

Ethically Responsible Behavior

Managerial Studeies

Development Cooperation

The Environment

Social and Health Issues

Society in Time and Space




A separate area of INESAN´s interest is the area of methodology, which is unique in that it passes across a range of areas of concern of INESAN. Within this area we focus on verification of existing and finding of new research methods and techniques, identifying the suitability of new methods and techniques for different kinds of research and verification of their reliability.



Ethically responsible behavior is based on the principle in which the end user chooses such products and services that least burdens nature, people and Animals. His choice this becomes a responsible and ethical. The consumer has in their own hands a tool which can be at least partially affective towards the production of products made in a more responsible manner. Consumer preferences and their alteration is the key for manufacturers and distributors to be impacted enough to adapt to changing trends and thus become more responsible as well.

INESAN focuses on issues such as Fair Trade, better working conditions, CSR (corporate social responsibility) and environmental responsibility.

Our aim is to increase public awareness of these issues, problems and possible solutions, through various studies and analyses.



INESAN pays attention to the business environment in the Czech Republic, where the main objective is to monitor and analyze the practices that each type of organization uses in its operation.

Furthermore, INESAN focuses on the evaluation of implementation methodology of key business activities, particularly in the area of human resource management and performance measurement (recruitment and selection of staff, training of employees, motivation, control and engagement of employees), the mechanisms of change management and organizational development activities, or activities aimed at research, development and innovation in organizations.

Attention is also placed on the distribution of rights and responsibilities systems among stakeholders – one for commercial companies and the other for the general public (corporate governance).



INESAN has been building expertise in the field of development effectiveness and innovative methodological approaches to evaluation in development. For instance, we have conducted a study on operational models of development agencies in partner countries to inform the setup of the Czech Development Agency offices.

INESAN is also the author of a comprehensive Methodology for the evaluation of cross-cutting themes in development cooperation, the first-ever certified methodology by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic (MFA). We have been a member of the Steering Committee for Evaluation of the MFA and we have worked with the Czech Development Cooperation Forum, Working Group on Evaluation Effectiveness. Collectively, our researchers have experience from Europe, Southeast Asia, Eastern Africa and Latin America, focusing on the sectors and topics of WASH, rural development, civil society, migration, gender, international cooperation policy and others.



Generally, the environment is a topic that should not be neglected. It is a part of our daily lives and it is a place where each of us spends our leisure time. Therefore, environment preservation is a responsbility not just for the present, but for future generations as well.

Everyone should be made aware of their own behavior and for this purpose INESAN has focused on identifying demographic attitudes towards the issue of environmental protection in order to capture individual risk perception and behavior in relation to the natural world around us. INESAN performs trend analyses of some indicators of social behvior towards the environment and monitors specific environmental issues as they evolve in their importance.

INESAN also focuses on examining the environmental quality of a given residential population and the changes in the immediate vicinity and surrounding areas, such as industrial areas, road construction and amenities.



Social issues are currently very topical in Czech Republic, especially regarding social services and care for an aging population. Thus, it is necessary in this area to pay attention to supporting the development of employer strategies towards older workers for the sake of increasing their employment. It is equally important to develop strategies for family support, protection and care for at-risk elderly, and obviously trying to raise awareness of aging among society in Czech Republic.

INESAN is therefore concentrating on the evaluation of working and social conditions of selected groups; we also deal with the employment of older people in the labor market, equal treatment and other topics. Also, one of the main issues that INESAN focuses is the evaluation of quality and effectiveness of social services.

Health topics are also equally important issues. INESAN in this context focuses eg. prevention and health promotion of the population in the Czech Republic, which is a basic prerequisite for improving the quality of life and maintaining good health.



In this field, INESAN focuses its attention on crucial issues associated with the operation of companies in time and space.

INESAN focuses on issues associated with the organisation of public administration, placing emphasis primarily on the matters of self-government. In this field, the topics include the evaluation of performance of self-government or majors, the efficiency of inter-community cooperation (town-twinning, voluntary associations of communities) and the citizens' interest in involvement in self-government authorities. The research interest in the citizens' involvement is not restricted to self-government, since INESAN conducts research into civic participation and public involvement as part of civic society. Other issues addressed in this area include research into the citizens' satisfaction with their place of residence and specific regional topics.