Evaluation of Educational Activities 

Evaluation of educational activities focuses on the analysis of conferences and the evaluation of specific activities in the field of continuing education and professional development such as training courses, trainings and seminars.

We have a specific methodology for evaluating educational activities, which include research participants' satisfaction with the activity and chiefly the testing of knowledge and skills of graduates to verify the extent to which the acquired knowledge can be useful in other (work or other) participant activities. The evaluation of usability and the actual use of acquired knowledge is an important area that is currently gaining ground and is a field which INESAN is placing special attention.

If required by the nature of the project, we focus on getting immediate feedback from participants; we also perform long-term monitoring and evaluation of training activities, evaluation of the impact of specific training events on the knowledge, attitudes and behavior of participants.

We provide feedback to the organizers and sponsors of educational activities, as well as to organizations who send their employees to educational courses.


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