Meta-evaluation can provide a systematic and objective way to assess the usefulness, accuracy and precision of primary (already made) evaluation.

Meta-evaluation can be divided according to purpose for formative and summative meta-evaluation. Formative meta-evaluation is implemented during primary processing and evaluation. It focuses on identifying potential problems, complications and inaccuracies in the implementation of primary evaluation. Oftentimes, formative meta-evaluation verifies compliance with the original primary evaluation of the project; set also margins from the initial evaluation design. The main objective of the formative meta-evaluation is improve the primary evaluation, establish the accuracy of its implementation and to propose such measures which are effective in preventing errors and their possible escalation. Formative meta-evaluations help to identify weaknesses in the primary evaluation before it is carried out, thus providing sufficient space for the solutions before presenting the results of the primary evaluation to the contracting authority. Formative meta-evaluation, therefore, mainly uses implementer evaluations or other subjects who are responsible for the planning and management evaluations.



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