Perception of environmental risks and NIMBY effect (CZ.5.01.2013.221.008)

The main objective of the whole project is to identify and describe the acceptance of changes related to the construction of strategic industrial facilities in residential areas.

Current outputs of this project are described below and are availabile to free download but only in czech language. Results published in all outputs are based on a sample of the Czech population that was selected by quota sampling; 706 face-to-face interviews were conducted.



Attitudes of Czech inhabitants to municipal waste incinerators construction

This article describes the attitudes of inhabitants of the Czech Republic to the construction of municipal waste incinerators near their place of residence. It also analyzes and describes the NIMBY effect.



Demographic development and behavioral aspects (e.g. crowding-out efect) and their impact on the municipal waste charging policy. (16-14409S)

Main goal of the project is to evaluate how the demographic change, behavioral aspects (especially so called "crowding-out effect") and municipal waste cost structure influence the effectiveness of different charging schemes in the Czech Republic.