Realized projects and research outcomes of Department of Senisitive topic research

Oddělení se zaměřuje na základní a aplikovaný výzkum senzitivních témat, která vyžadují specifické metodologické a teoretické přístupy. Při výzkumné činnosti jsou používány kvalitativní i kvantitativní výzkumné techniky a metody. V oddělení jsou také realizovány projekty, během jejichž řešení dochází k propojení sociálně-vědního výzkumu s IT.


Realized funded project:

More efficient mobile hospice care in Czechia , TL02000101. (Supported by: TAČR)


The main intention of the project is to improve work efficiency and coordination of multidisciplinary team of mobile hospice care staff (CS). All this will be allowed by software platform, based on CS needs analysis. The software will simplify work of CS by providing all relevant information in one place, easily searchable and interconnected. The other software component will be a service planner linked to other items needed for service performance of CS. This planner will provide individual plan related to a given hospice client assigned to specific CS. The software will also include records of utilities, medicines, and other things needed to perform the service (for example, cars). The software will be available on the web interface after entering the login information.


Evaluation of School Communication from the parents/legal representatives perspective, TL02000075. (Supported by: TAČR)


The three-year project aims to develop an evaluation process for assessing communication between elementary school and legal guardians/parents, with regard to the use of ICT. The evaluation procedure will be developed using evaluation case studies, which will include an analysis of LG/P needs and an analysis of the current practice of the school. Based on these analyzes, an evaluation mechanism will be developed to identify the extent to which the expectations of the LG/P differ from how the school communicates with them. The method will include a procedure for collecting data from the LG/P including the data collection tool a description of the analysis of the used communication channels in terms of the need for communication with the LG/P and a description of the evaluation mechanism..


Consequences of aging of the population for the need of long-term care - the possibility of projecting innovative ideas from abroad into Czech practice, TL02000531 (Supported by: TAČR)

The aim of the project is to identify the key issues that hinder the development of lng-term care for the elderly and the disabled people at home. On the basis of the results of the survey among carers in the Czech Republic and the questionnaire survey among the providers of long-term care services in selected European countries, an optimal form of solutions to these problems will be proposed. The main outcome of the project will be a monograph (deadline for elaboration = December 2019) summarizing the findings of the two surveys, which will also include suggestions for solving identified problems.